Wind Turbines

Commercial Wind Turbines

Why Install a Wind Turbine?

The UK has the highest occurrence of strong, persistent, year-round wind of any country in Europe and yet, few businesses take advantage of the power of wind, an incredible ‘green’ resource that will reduce their energy consumption. By making the decision to generate electricity through installing a small scale commercial wind turbine, you will not only be reducing your carbon emissions and demonstrating your green credentials to your customers but you will also be reducing your business’ electricity bills and generating an additional income stream through the ‘Feed in Tariffs’ (FIT’s) and by selling surplus electricity back to the National Grid.

The income from FIT’s and selling surplus electricity back to the National Grid through the “export tariff” is index linked, tax free and guaranteed for 20 years. We can provide examples of our previous wind installations that show small scale commercial wind turbines giving a superb return on investment, with payback under six years creating an additional income/saving of over £5,000 per year for businesses.

On Site Survey

An on site survey will help us ascertain the suitability of your premises for a wind turbine. If your business location is unlikely to benefit from a installation, we will explore other energy conservation technologies that are more suitable for your organisation, rather than supply and install something from which you will receive relatively little benefit.

Calculate Your Wind Speed

Before installing a new turbine it is essential to have good knowledge of the wind speed at the site.

Click here to calculate your wind speed using our wind calculator.

Wind Turbine Installation

Once we’ve established the suitability of your location, we will discuss a range of options with you, from the 5.5kW Kingspan KW6 wind turbines to the more powerful 10kW Evoco wind turbines, taking fully into account your business requirements and budget.

For each option, we will provide you with an estimate of how much your company is likely to reduce its energy bills and carbon footprint, plus the prediction of income from Feed in Tariffs (FIT’s) and generating surplus energy from wind power which you sell back to the National Grid. We will also put you in touch with a number of official bodies who may be able to secure you a ‘green’ grant towards the cost of your wind turbine.

Our Products

Eco Environments are an accredited reseller & installer of  Evoco and Kingspan wind turbines. These are amongst the most robust and efficient small scale commercial wind turbines on the market, and are available in 5kWp or 10kWp outputs. They generate minimal noise, require little maintenance, and could easily power an industrial unit or small office facility. What’s more, they are designed to last for over 25 years.